Albert & Nokukhanya Luthuli Peace & Development Institute

Creating peaceful and thriving communities in which every generation is able to create a better South Africa.

Luthuli Peace Institute

Since the advent of democracy in 1994, much has been done to liberate South Africans through the extension of the franchise to all regardless of race, creed and economic status. Nonetheless, after over 20 years of democracy, the hardest battles are still to be won. These include the restoration of the dignity of all the people of South Africa and the eradication of the stubborn inequalities that manifest themselves in different aspects of South African society. These scourges undermine and threaten the future of a democratic and forward looking South Africa. The country’s current young generation and future generations must inherit a South Africa that is stable, forward-looking and is able to take its rightful place in the development trajectory of the world.

‘The real meaning of our poverty was brought home to me. I could see that the African people had no means of making a living according to recognized civilized standards.’
Chief Albert John Mvumbi Luthuli

Vision & Mission