Goals of the Institute

Excellence and Commitment through Nobel Prize Laureates studies and research.
  • Recognition and development of current and future generations around the nine South African Nobel Prize Laureates
  • Gainful employment and stability for current and future generations
  • Advancing democracy and the maintenance of a stable political economy in South Africa and
  • Promoting non-violence, constructive conflict resolution and mediation
  • Sustaining South Africa’s human rights culture and adherence to the Constitution and the  separation of powers
  • Entrenching the provision of a usable education that is empowering, promotes freedom, grants dignity and self-sufficiency
  • Establishing a competitive educational system that allows South Africans to contribute to global development
  • Advancing society to greater heights
  • Building a competitive and prosperous nation
  • Creating a nation that takes responsibility for its development in all respects rather than being a victim of dependency