Today I received this statement below from the ‘Albert and Nokukhanya Luthuli Peace and Development Institute’ in South Africa condemning the comments about apartheid by

F. W. De Klerk, who was the Prime Minister of South Africa prior to the election of Nelson Mandela as Prime Minister in 1994.

In the statement below it is noted that De Klerk claimed, “he did not know that Apartheid was declared a crime against humanity by the United Nations” and it is noted further that

De Klerk’s statement was “as an exercise in crass dishonesty and an afront to all peace-loving South Africans and the countless others who suffered and fought against Apartheid.”

This will be the start of a three part series on this recent controversy in South Africa including: (1) the ‘STATEMENT ON APARTHEID AS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY’ from the ‘Albert and Nokukhanya Luthuli Peace and Development Institute’; (2) the BBC report on the recent F.W. De Klerk comments; and (3) the 1973 United Nations statement about apartheid being declared a ‘crime against humanity’.

Heather Gray