The Albert and Nokukhanya Peace and Development Institute (ANLPD) wishes to condemn in the strongest terms the recent statements of Apartheid denialism by FW De Klerk and the FW De Klerk Foundation. We also wish to express our rejection of any recent retractions as a mere exercise in public relations management rather than a genuine apology to the South African people and humanity as a whole. Further, we consider the statement that FW De Klerk did not know that Apartheid was declared a crime against humanity by the United Nations as an exercise in crass dishonesty and an affront to all peace-loving South Africans and the countless others who suffered and fought against Apartheid.  

The ANLPDI firmly believes that in order to achieve the aspirations of South Africa as enshrined in our Bill of Rights and Constitution as well as the objectives of reconciliation and reconstruction, it is imperative for all South African’s to acknowledge the brutality and impact of Apartheid on our people. Despite 25 years of democracy many of these impacts remain with us today, including the landlessness and poverty forced upon Black South African’s as a result of Colonial and Apartheid dispossession; the historic inequality of Black South Africans; as well as the physical and psychological wounds visited upon our people. 

It is for all these reasons that Albert and Nokukhanya Luthuli and many other South Africans took the plight of black people to many parts of the world and in particular to the United Nations. The culmination of Apartheid being declared a crime against humanity cannot be disputed by right-thinking peoples. We remain indebted to the liberated African countries, the massive anti-apartheid and divestment movements in the USA, the U.K., Scandinavian countries, India and many progressive countries that supported the rightful argument that Apartheid was a crime against humanity.

We believe that to deny Apartheid as a crime against humanity is to trample on the lived experiences of the millions of Apartheid’s victims. Such false narratives about the true history of South Africa leads to the miseducation of young South Africans of all races and disempowers humanity from ensuring that no such scourge is visited upon any people in any country of the world now and in the future.

We urge all South Africans to work at destroying the deep wounds that resulted from Apartheid. 

We call upon President Cyril Ramaphosa to steadfastly and with courage create a forward-looking and globally competitive South Africa. We ask the world to support South Africa in resolving the destruction that was a result of over 40 years of the mis-Apartheid rule so that this nation can proudly contribute to the global development of humankind. 

Lastly, our abiding thanks to Inkosi Albert Luthuli, Nokukhanya Luthuli and countless others whose sacrifice led to the advent of a non-sexist, non-racist and democratic South Africa! 

The Albert and Nokukhanya Peace and Development Institute is founded in honour of the first African on the continent to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, INkosi Albert Luthuli, and Nokukhanya Luthuli who was a freedom fighter in her own right.